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Elven Coin
5 min readJul 18, 2021

Maybe you wonder why I say Elven coin is the next big thing in the blockchain economy. Yes, you are right. It is the next big thing existing in the crypto economy. How big a cryptocurrency is measured depends on its fundamentals. This article addresses a few of these fundamentals.

However, Elven coin is the next big thing because it meets the needs of people of diverse backgrounds and preferences. We say it is the next big thing in comparison to Bitcoin and the other major altcoins like Ether, Binance and TRX.

It is the next big thing because it will rock the world economy, with its mundane scope and deliverables. It does not really means that leaders will always remain leaders. One time or the other, competitors will catch up. And we are sure that Elven coin will catch up with the bigger cryptos like BTC and ETH.

It all boils down to its fundamentals. It’s interesting to find how Ether is closing the gap on BTC in terms of adoption and market cap. Why is that so? The reason is simple, Ether has far better fundamentals than BTC. The hegemony of BTC depends on its being the “first born” of the crypto ecosystem.

Why would we create a coin- Elven token- to be a worthless addition to the blockchain? No ways. The elven coin has far superior functions than most existing cryptocurrencies. Whether, you or any other person believes this or not is another issue and another topic for discussion.

Facts about Elven coin

The elven coin is based on the TRON blockchain and powers several products including an advertising platform (ElvenLand), social media platform (poziturbo.com) and crypto investment educational platform (levelnaut.biz)

What are the strengths of the Elven Coin Project?

The structure of the management team gives elven coin an edge against other projects. As you may, know the team that manages a cryptocurrency is part of the coin’s fundamentals. Let’s discuss few more aspects of the management philosophy and practices.

First, the entire Elven coin project is composed of 27 tokens, including the Elven coin itself. The other 26 tokens, all built on the TRON blockchain supports the Elven coin thereby stabilizing its price.

Management team

There is a central management team that coordinates the various aspects of the ElvenLand economy. Below the central team are sub teams controlling individual projects.

Therefore, each of the 26 sub projects has its own management team. The managers are promoted from the ambassador program, based on their zeal and understanding of the entire project.

As a result, the entire management team will be up to 60 members, making it probably the biggest compost team running a blockchain project. This brings diversity of ideas and functions.

Ambassador program

The ambassador program consists of people with much crypto experience in project management and crypto research and authorship. There is a separate team of writers, responsible for spreading accurate information about the project. Currently we have 20 writers, churning articles every day.

We use writers and community managers because they make an important aspect of the Elven coin fundamental. We are happy to announce that we still require a few more ambassadors to run communities where we do not have representatives.

Community rewards

Probably the Elven coin will go into history as the first company with a vibrant community reward system. However, we do not give people free coins. They have to work for them in a simple way. For example we have the following particular tokens and their functions. All these are meant to reward our community for their support.

AMIKO: This is a token to reward our partners and those who promote these partnerships. For example, writers who write about our partners will be rewarded using this coin.

Cryst: This a special token to reward people who help to encourage positivity among humanity. By the way, we care about how other people live. We wish any human being a fruitful existence.

Danko: this is a token for rewarding freelancers and promoting the freelance system.

FESTA: This is a token to promote parties and local communities.

These are not the only tokens we have. Read about all the tokens in this article: https://levelnaut.com/2021/07/02/all-elven-land-coins/


Apart from serving humanity we are working hard to empower people around the world. First, we offer them various ways to earn. We also empower people by training them to become active participants in the Gig economy. We carry out the training program through our hands on approach.

Community managers: We train people to be successful community managers. This is through guiding them to understand their duties and roles as community managers. In this evolving virtual economy community management skills are a must.

Writer training program: We have a comprehensive program for training budding article writers into successful and established writers. Whereas they help us by spreading the word about the Elven project, we make them learn skills they will use for the rest of their lives. As such they will remain our ardent supporters for life.

More information

You want to know more about the project, read the following:

List of all our projects: https://levelnaut.com/2021/07/02/all-elven-land-coins/

Scope of the project: https://elvencoin.medium.com/the-levelnaut-projects-team-recently-released-a-beautiful-three-coloured-flag-for-elven-land-48ca17678212

How to earn Elven coin: https://thousandsonline.blogspot.com/2021/06/ways-to-earn-elven-magic-coins.html



This article only looked on the human side of the Elven coin project. You are welcome to join our growing teams of community managers and writers. To do so visit the following chatrooms:

Ambassadors: https://t.me/ambassadorselvencoin

Global chat room: https://t.me/elvencoin



Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.