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2 min readJul 18, 2021

Written by Stephen Kamwaza

The Levelnaut projects team recently released a beautiful three-coloured flag for Elven Land. Levelnaut’s fundamental principal is positivity, and the colours of the new flag signify this. We are going to discuss each one of these three colours, which are golden sand, sky blue, and aqua and see how they satisfy Levelnaut’s vision.

Golden Sand

Sand is often associated with beaches where people spend quality time when they’re on vacations, on holiday or on a honeymoon. It is a sign of peace of mind, away from the world’s miseries. This fittingly describes Levelnaut, as we help people from all walks of life forget their troubles through our social platforms Positeca and Poziturbo.

Positeca — When you visit a Positeca group you find funny content, which includes pictures, videos, music as well as inspirational quotes, stories, news and more. In fact, people will find here anything that improves mood, evokes positive emotions and removes depression.

Poziturbo — People with similar interests meet on Poziturbo to discuss social and business issues. This brings peace of mind as they receive upbuilding ideas from experienced individuals around the world.

Sky Blue

A blue sky means there is no rain, signifying fine weather, unlike a cloudy sky where rain is inevitable. One cannot comfortably carry out their outdoor chores when it is raining, but on the contrary, you have to seek shelter until the sky turns blue again.

The sky blue color on our flag means everything moves smoothly with no disturbances from ‘rain’. Levelnaut is a company that offers educational insights for individuals on investments in the blockchain industry. The goal is to fetch out investment information and opportunities that will be void of scams, risks, and exploitation. Just like a blue sky, this guarantees the smooth flow of things for everyone as they search for viable online business opportunities.


Aqua means water, and water means life. Without water nothing will survive on earth. The Levelnaut economy is like water to everyone. The social platforms, the educational platform and the advertising platform all bring life to every living soul. People receive education at Levelnaut, use the advertising platform for their programmes, then take a refreshing break at our two social platforms.

The Elven Land flag is really significant as it goes well with the Levelnaut fundamental principal which is positivity. The Levelnaut projects team is working overtime to create a stress-free community. Inhabitants of Elven Land are one happy family as you will find out when you join this wonderful community.

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Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.