Understanding the Levelnaut Economy: Elven Land, Levelnaut and Elven Coin

This article aims to help you appreciate what the Levelnaut economy is. Basically, Levelnaut is an educational platform focusing on investment opportunities, advertising and social media development. It has three units under its portfolio. These are ElvenLand, PozitUrbo and Levelnaut.biz. However, there is also the Elven coin which powers this economy.

For more information visit ElvenCoin Page:

At this page, you will find the core features of Levelnaut, the roadmap, the whitepaper and the team.


We use the term Levelnaut.biz, to differentiate this product or arm from the overall project called Levelnaut. This is because in the long run, many projects will come under Levelnaut.

As for Levelnaut.biz, this is a platform where people learn about available investment and earning opportunities found on the internet. Levelnaut does not teach people about all possible business opportunities. It educates people about legit, viable and genuine earning and investment opportunities.

In order to start the learning process, an individual should buy a package. The cheapest package is only $10. How many things can you buy using $10? Very few. This shows how cheap the packages are. Someone, one day, jokingly said, “I spend $10 per day on cigarettes.”

However, with that same $10 one can unlock great potential. Once you join the educational program you get mentorship and guidance from experienced personnel.


ElvenLand is one wonder of the Levelnaut economy. This is an advertising platform, where people buy advertising space worth only $1 each. In the very near future, after the ICO, people will buy advertising space using our internal token called Elven coin. We shall discuss this later on.

But the truth is that when you work online, promoting products and services you require a reliable advertising platform such as ElvenLand, which is also affordable. Currently, you can buy the advertising space, using Payeer and PayPal.

Buy your Pixels now, visit ElvenLand.


This is a social network platform, created to help people link with one another, with the intention of forming partnerships. People should forge relationships using such platforms. Thus, it is a hub that brings people interested in cryptocurrencies and other investment opportunities together.

Moreover, people can earn rewards for participating. Currently, those who have active groups will receive their rewards in Elven coin, if they have completed the required forms. More opportunities will be availed through this platform.

Join PozitUrbo now.

Elven Coin

Earlier on we said that the Levelnaut economy is powered by the Elven Coin. As a matter of fact, the token is built on the tron blockchain. The total supply is 300 million. There are several ways to earn the coin. These are:

Ambassador program: join the ambassador program and earn your elven coins now. The team is comprised of content creators and community managers.

Creating groups at PozitUrbo: Join our social platform now and earn your tokens. This is part of our bounty and airdrop program

Career: You can also join our career plan. There are still some vacancies in the organization. To get more details write an email to mchapeyama@gmail.com

Liquidity provision: Now is the time to provide liquidity for the Elven token and earn high rewards now and in the future.

Coin exchange

Currently, there are several options for listing the Elven coin. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it now. You can easily exchange the Elven Coin at jutswap.org.


In order to get more details, join our social platform sites:







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Elven Coin

Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.