Elven Group of Projects: A case of humanity, diversification and diversity

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4 min readJul 18, 2021

We have a fairly new baby in the crypto space. A new baby learning from the bigger guys. True. And who are the bigger guys? In this case, we will refer to BTC and Ethereum.

Yes, there are big brothers like Binance, Cardano (ADA), name them. We will not look at them. The case of bitcoin is a great inspiration to the Elven project team. This is because we are a group of crypto enthusiasts and analysts, who take a leaf at the trajectory of the bitcoin.

Lessons from bitcoin

The bitcoin was invented and took time to show its impact on the globe. The team did not hype the project or carry out unorthodox means of making people adopt it. It did not have lavish giveaways or crowd pulling campaigns. It took its on natural cycle.

Maybe this explains the reason why you do not know about the Elven coin much and the reason why you currently have no interest in it. We do not believe in hypes like other crypto projects. Instead, we are focusing on building the fundamentals. Those who believe in us will stick with us.

Lesson from ethereum

The ethereum blockchain is a typical example of a worthy blockchain. This is because other projects rely on it. Many projects are built on the ethereum protocol. It creates utility to the blockchain world. Elven coin aims to contribute to the blockchain economy in a significant way, but in a unique way. We focus on humanity, diversity and diversification.


Our ideology as the team is that we are human beings. We have gone through difficulties and suffering. However, we do not want other human beings to experience our woes. We would rather help others to live a positive life.

That is the reason why the issue of positivity is central to our project. We work with people who are positive about our project, the people who are positive in life and the people who want to assist others to think positively. For those who are burdening by the woes of life we are to help them.

For those lacking material things, we provide opportunities for them to earn a living. This is through our diverse rewarding structure. But our philosophy is that “nothing for nothing.” We do not support lazy people, but those seeking opportunities to earn a decent living online.

This philosophy entrenches in the levelnaut biz project, where we teach people how to make gainful investments. We produce eBooks and other material to teach individuals about crypto investment opportunities. By the way, you can start your journey to success without injecting any cent in any project. That is what we stand for.

Our social platform poziturbo.com is a platform to bring likeminded people together, those with a view to positively change the world.


I know your question. Where is the diversity in the Elven group of projects? This term is clear: Elven project, popularly referred to as ElvenLand is a group of related projects. Precisely, we have 26 crypto projects woven together like strings in a piece of cloth.

But the issue of diversity does not relate to the products, but to people. We have a large management team of over 60 people, drawn from across all continents and over 50 countries. This did not come up by chance but by design. We wish to cut across geographical boundaries and nationalities. If you like our philosophy, you still have a very slight chance of joining our management team through our ambassador program.

Here is a link to join our ambassador team: https://t.me/ambassadorselvencoin

By design we should have at least two people from any country in the world, acting as country representatives and advisors. These country representatives will coordinate local and regional events including positivity programs.

If you are willing to become our country representative, join our ambassador program.


Diversification exists in terms of the functions and nature of our tokens or coins.

The project has various business lines and products. We have talked about this so many times. But here is a snap shot.

Investment in real estate: There is a specific token to be used in buying and selling of real estate.

Hotel and Travel: There is a token meant for travelling and hotel services. With proposed partnerships, this will materialize soon.

Advertising and promotion: Also, there is a token for advertisement and promotion.

Humanitarian assistance: we have a specific coin to be used in helping the needy members of the community.

Social interaction: We have a social platform for people to interact and share documents, music and videos.

EBook writing: We know several projects where people write EBooks and earn from them. We have a similar program for people to write crypto related eBooks and earn from them. Interested? Join our ambassador program now: https://t.me/ambassadorselvencoin

For more information about the project, visit the website: https://elvencoin.info/


We have a growing crypto community. You are welcome to join any of the following sites:

Telegram < https://t.me/elvencoin




Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.