Elven Coin Ambassador Program

Elven Coin ambassadors have a special role in the adoption and growth of the Elven Coin. The ambassadors are at the centre of spreading the right knowledge to people in their communities, either physical or virtual ones. We want an estimated 500 ambassadors, with diverse geographical locations and languages.

We have two types of ambassadors:

  • Community Managers
  • Content creators

Every ambassador chooses one of these roles but not both. This is important for someone to be active in a single area, where the results are easy to assess and quantify.

Community Managers

Community managers are responsible for creating and managing groups and channels on social media platforms. These platforms include, a channel on telegram, a group on telegram and a Facebook page or group.

The community manager will do the following duties:

  • Translating some articles to their second language, from English.
  • Creating a weekly report on their activities.
  • Conducting any other activities they deem suitable to promote the vision of Levelnaut and the Elven Coin.

Specific requirements for community managers

Each telegram group or channel should have a minimum of 30 active participants at inception.

From there, we expect a monthly increase of at least 5 people, until these have at least 1000 members.

A Facebook page or group should have at least 100 followers or members at inception, then a monthly increase of at least 20 people, until the group has at least 1 000 members.

Each community manager should have at least one active group at poziturbo.com. A group is active if it has 5 people and there are weekly posts.

Content creators

These are people who will write content promoting the Elven coin, Levelnaut and ElvenLand.

The following content is allowed:




Memes and Infographics shall only be in English.

Each article shall be in English and another second language and they are posted on two different websites or blogs.

Personal websites should have more than 1000 visits per month, if you want to post there.

Popular sites to post include LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Reddit, Publish0X and Trybe. You can publish at any other approved sites.

Reposting your articles to Facebook and LinkedIn groups will increase your earnings.


This will be by monthly Elven Token Airdrop


To apply, join the telegram group for additional information.

Then join our special telegram group: Ambassador Group

The Elven Coin community is growing by day, from humble origins. It’s free for anyone to join one or all of the following social platforms:

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Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.