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2 min readJul 15, 2021


Written by Ruth Kamau

Cryst Cryptocurrency is finally here. It is one of the Coins of Elven Land that support the principal coin Elven. Cryst coins, also called the Crystals of positive mines, are used to reward those who help mine the crystals.

Cryst Coin Logo

With a world full of negativity, the team at Elven land has started a positive movement. It involves creating groups in every social media of the world to spread positivity.

Positeca is the name of the positive movement. The word Positeca is a combination of two words Positive and Discoteca in the Esperanto language. It means positive Disco. Positive+Discoteca=Positeca.

We reward anybody who joins the movement with the Cryst coin. What do you need to do to earn this coin? It is very simple, create a Positeca group on any social media and make positive posts every day.

Why did I say it is simple? Because if you are a positive person, you’ll just be yourself and get rewarded for it.

You may even have a positive group today on any social media, where you spread positivity. You have been doing it for fun with no reward from anyone. This is a golden opportunity for you, join the positive movement and get rewarded with Cryst cryptocurrency.

Is your work making people smile? You may be a comedian or any other entertainer who makes people’s faces brighten up. Take this opportunity to join our positive movement where you will earn yourself the Cryst coins.

A positeca group is a fun group where you are just being yourself. Make a post daily that will encourage someone to live and not die, to look up and not down, to fight and win and not lose heart and lose the battle, to brighten your face and not look dull.

The positive posts may include uplifting articles, pictures that make others smile, pleasant music that is good for the soul, funny videos, jokes, and any other activity with high-quality humor.

We reward people for positive activity, for the creation of Positeca groups in all social networks, for moderation and administration of these groups, and for other positive activities.

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