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Elven Coin
4 min readJul 15, 2021

Written by Stephen Kamwaza

The Elven coin is a Tron-based token with unique fundamentals. 26 altcoins supports it, which gives the coin the potential to rise in price and maintain its stability. Today we’re going to focus more on the 26 Elven coins in alphabetical order.


The Amiko is issued as a reward to those who get into partnership with Elven Land, taking part in the catalog, etc.


This is the coin of the fairy, Brila, the fairy of success.


Is an Elven Land cryptocurrency that is mined from the Crystal of Positive Mines. We reward this cryptocurrency to those who help to mine the crystals of positive.


This is a very interesting coin and a very interesting project in its essence. This is not just a platform for freelancers, but also a service that, using geo-targeting tools and from geolocation, will find all those specialists that you need. With its help you will find not only the closest plumber or hairdresser but also you can find just a person who is ready to carry out another legal assignment or just spend an evening in your company. Naturally, with the help of such a service, you can also find people with similar interests to yours. And the reward for the help of such a person will occur with the help of the DANKO coin.


This coin is one tenth of Elven Coin and you need to pay ten such coins to get one Elven Coin. There are different ways to get this coin, but it can mostly be got by spreading information about Elven Land.


This is a FIATO elf coin that converts any Elven Land cryptocurrencies into traditional money.


If you want to join any Elven guild, then you need to pay a fee. Elvens take their specialization seriously and their skill is especially prized. The deposit can only be made with the help of a special GILDO coin, which is not easy to earn, but can be exchanged at the Vendisto exchange shop.


Charitable coin (Helpi — means “help” in Esperanto). This coin is used in Elven Land for any charitable purposes and projects, as well as for sponsorship.


With this coin you can reward any of your friends or acquaintances who show interest in Elven Land and want to start their journey through this amazing country.


This coin of the fairy Justa. Justa is a symbol of quality of Elven Land.


This is a versatile, incentive and investment cryptocurrency. Klubo is used for the construction (or lease) of various objects in a wide variety of resort locations, as well as rewarding ambassadors.


Lerta — this coin of the fairy Lerta. As you know, even a beginner who has learned something new can get this coin.


Magio is a reward coin for all inventors and alchemists, all those who come up with new ideas. If this is a ready-made, but not yet introduced product, then Inventisto and Alkemiisto decide on what conditions it will be used in Elven Land.


This coin of the fairy Nobla.


Cryptocurrency of Elven Land, that is used to help with career and work. Ofico means “office” in Esperanto, but it is obvious, that Elven landers don’t work in offices only. Salary, HR, carrer, perks, jop opportunities — all that is connected to the usage of Ofico coin.


P — is a secret coin, one of the main cryptocurrencies of the Elven Land project. Details will be added later.


This is a coin that the residents of Elven land receive by completing various tasks in both the real and the virtual world.


This is a coin for members of the investor clan. This is a club coin that can only be purchased by major investors in the Elven Land project.


Attention is very much appreciated not only in Elven Land, but everywhere in general. Therefore, it is not surprising that the wizard Atento is never poor. Moreover, he gives out SIGNO coins just for the fact that you read the questions with full attention, and then give the correct answers to them. In the human world, this is called a focus test, and everyone involved is a focus group.


Trovu (“find” in Esperanto) This coin will be kept in a special Trovu Store in Elven Land. In other words, it will be a service platform that will connect people who have lost an item and those who have found and want to return for a small reward from 1 Trovu Coin.


This cryptocurrency rewards information about everything that is useful for Elven Landers (life hacks, tips, recycling, disposal) by voting and marking with special “stars”.


Vendo cryptocurrency is TRX10 and is an incentive, referral coin of the Vendisto exchange service.


Wandy is а fairy coin. It is produced by a fairy wand and is used to help wishes come true.


This coin of the fairy of hospitality Xenia.


It is the coin of the elf, whose name is Young. The most interesting thing is that this elf never gets old. He has many secrets on how to stay young, but he doesn’t want to share them for free.


Elven Land really needs its representatives not only in the virtual, but also in the real world. We really appreciate active, motivated and motivating, energetic people. Such people deserve to receive the ZAPPY cryptocurrency for their activity, as well as develop the ZAPPY cryptocurrency.


As you see, all these coins have got special functions, which guarantees the stability of the main Elven coin. Each coin plays an important role in the Levelnaut economy. You can join the happy Elven community by visiting the links below.

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Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.