Elvenland has its advertising platform called ElvenLand. You have read this correctly, Elvenland has its advertising platform called ElvenLand.

You go there and advertise your business, such as affiliate marketing program. This advertising platform will enable many people to see your ad.

Please follow the procedure stated below.

Please visit the site https://elven.land/pioneers/users/

If you are a new user click, New Users

Step 2: Upload your photo. The photo should be 52 by 60 Pixels

ElvenLand is a well-crafted project based on the blockchain-technology. Why do we say that it is a good- company? The reason is simple. It is an internet-based business, with many investment opportunities.

It offers people the chance to do remote-work. For example, they can work remotely by carrying out various tasks or gigs. There are also important virtual jobs such as being ambassadors, marketers and project managers.

Nature of Internet Business which elven Project has? For your information we call ElvenLand, Elven project as well. This is because our main coin is Elven, which is built on the Tron blockchain.

ElvenLand has forged a partnership with Padd Finance, which is a community launched for KuCoin blockchain-based projects. Padd Finance focuses on providing worthwhile services to crypto organizations that are built on the KuCoin chain.

What is ElvenLand?

ElvenLand is the first-ever blockchain project based on Tron, which is built on a completely unique system — with 26 tokens representing all the letters of the alphabet. Interestingly, each coin has its own team responsible for the development and growth of the token.

Therefore, the Elvenland team has 52 members, drawn across the world.

Also, ElvenLand has several products. These include pixel…

Written by Stephen Kamwaza

Elven is taking the world of crypto by storm! It is the first ever Tron-based blockchain project, which is built on a system not comparable to any other.

Here is something about this project that has never been heard of before. 26 other projects support the main Elven Land project! Each of these 26 projects, whose names are derived from the 26 letters of the alphabet, has its own coin. This stabilises the main Elven coin and helps in the growth of the Elven Land project.

Each of the 26 coins has an experienced team that…

Basics of the Doracakeswap ElvenLand partnership

Partnerships are essential in blockchain based projects because they expand our opportunities. As a result, the partnership with Doracakeswap is strategic. And it also goes into our history as our first ever partnership. But you would like to know exactly how it benefits each one of us.

We have a fairly new baby in the crypto space. A new baby learning from the bigger guys. True. And who are the bigger guys? In this case, we will refer to BTC and Ethereum.

Yes, there are big brothers like Binance, Cardano (ADA), name them. We will not look at them. The case of bitcoin is a great inspiration to the Elven project team. This is because we are a group of crypto enthusiasts and analysts, who take a leaf at the trajectory of the bitcoin.

Lessons from bitcoin

The bitcoin was invented and took time to show its…

Maybe you wonder why I say Elven coin is the next big thing in the blockchain economy. Yes, you are right. It is the next big thing existing in the crypto economy. How big a cryptocurrency is measured depends on its fundamentals. This article addresses a few of these fundamentals.

However, Elven coin is the next big thing because it meets the needs of people of diverse backgrounds and preferences. We say it is the next big thing in comparison to Bitcoin and the other major altcoins like Ether, Binance and TRX.

It is the next big thing because it…

Written by Stephen Kamwaza

The Levelnaut projects team recently released a beautiful three-coloured flag for Elven Land. Levelnaut’s fundamental principal is positivity, and the colours of the new flag signify this. We are going to discuss each one of these three colours, which are golden sand, sky blue, and aqua and see how they satisfy Levelnaut’s vision.

Golden Sand

Sand is often associated with beaches where people spend quality time when they’re on vacations, on holiday or on a honeymoon. It is a sign of peace of mind, away from the world’s miseries. …

Written by Ruth Kamau

Cryst Cryptocurrency is finally here. It is one of the Coins of Elven Land that support the principal coin Elven. Cryst coins, also called the Crystals of positive mines, are used to reward those who help mine the crystals.

Cryst Coin Logo

With a world full of negativity, the team at Elven land has started a positive movement. It involves creating groups in every social media of the world to spread positivity.

Positeca is the name of the positive movement. The word Positeca is a combination of two words Positive and Discoteca in the Esperanto language…

Written by Stephen Kamwaza

The Elven coin is a Tron-based token with unique fundamentals. 26 altcoins supports it, which gives the coin the potential to rise in price and maintain its stability. Today we’re going to focus more on the 26 Elven coins in alphabetical order.


The Amiko is issued as a reward to those who get into partnership with Elven Land, taking part in the catalog, etc.


This is the coin of the fairy, Brila, the fairy of success.


Is an Elven Land cryptocurrency that is mined from the Crystal of Positive Mines. …

Elven Coin

Elven coin, built on Tron-chain powers the Levelnaut economy : comprising an educational platform, social media platfom and advertising platform.

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